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This blog was created for the purpose of supplying a venue for the common sharing of information relevant to the law enforcement community. As it grows, the Law Enforcement Journal will examine the many disciplines, all of which are directed toward a common purpose–to make every community in this great Nation a safe, healthy place in which to live.

Administrator’s Background

Don Penven is a freelance writer and photographer based in Raleigh and Morehead City,

NC. He has over 30 years of direct and indirect involvement with law enforcement. He

Don Penven Headshot

Don Penven
Blog Administrator

served as a Special Officer for two years with a small town police department in New Jersey. Later, he joined the department as a Probationary Patrolman and attended the Burlington Co. Police Academy. He subsequently was promoted to Sergeant and later became the first officer with that department to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

As second in command of the department, Don served as administrative officer and supervised the Detective and Juvenile/Narcotics Units. He ultimately took a leave of absence from the department and joined the staff of what was to become the country’s leading manufacturer of criminal investigation equipment.

Don has contributed numerous articles to popular law enforcement publications and created the CSITECHBlog, where he posted over 100 articles related to crime scene investigation.

Included on this blog is a compilation of articles under the heading of, “A Tangled Web.” This work deals with the DETECTION OF DECEPTION and introduces two very vital interview and interrogation techniques:

  • Statement Analysis
  • Cognitive Interview

The reader is invited to study this manual and to employ the interview techniques discussed. The Tangled Web.

Don is also the author of the espionage thriller, Surrogate Warrior, which is available from most major booksellers.

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